Saturday, July 4

Turning ON Sync in your Google Chrome browser

If you enable Sync ON in your Google Chrome browser then all your password, temp browsing details like password etc that is stored locally in your computer browser will be saved in your google account safely. If you have opened chrome browser in multiple other places if you turn sync on then all your password and internet settings will be replicated/ same across all your browsers across multiple systems.

If will be very useful if you have to update password for a site and it to reflect/propagate  in all the browsers in different computers that you are using frequently.
To turn Sync ON in your Google chrome browser

Go to settings in your Google chrome browser, you may click this url  -  chrome://settings/

You will see "turn on sync" like below, clicking that will take you to the next steps to enable sync ON. 

Saturday, February 11

MyPC Backup Review

MyPC Backup Review

MyPC Backup is a cloud computing service that will let you back up your entire PC into a secure area. The software uses a small desktop application that lets you backup all your computers to the cloud. The files are constantly backed up in real time and you will be able to access them at any time from any device in the world. 

You can select just the files and folders that you want to backup, it does not back everything into the cloud. This is useful if you are collaborating with others on a project or if there are still certain files that you need to keep away from others and only on your computer. MyPC Backup runs perfectly in the background without you having to do anything. 

Any device that you can use to access the Internet can then be used to retrieve your data — whether it’s a PC, a phone or a tablet device is irrelevant. 

Take Free trial from MyPC Backup


Completely free cloud backup, which is 100% encrypted and secure. You will be able to share files and folders and there is unlimited storage space. You can invite people through email, Facebook, Twitter, or by giving them a custom link. 

Fully automated process works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Mobile access and multiple computer syncing also provided, as well as file versioning. Online control panel allows you to access your backed up and synced devices anywhere in the world. 

If you need help, there is 24/7 support available from the developers. 


Every plan has the same basic features, the only difference is that you are charged a lower fee if you sign up for a longer service.

The features that are uniform across all pricing are: 

- unlimited online storage
- 100% automated backup
- 24/7 technical support
- 30 day money back guarantee
- file versioning
- sync multiple computers 

The three payment plans are: 

- $9.95/month — monthly
- $6.95/month — 6 months
- $5.95/month — 1 year 

Full pricing info here


The best feature of this product is obviously that it is so cheap. While other services such as Dropbox will allow you free access, your limit can very quickly be filled up to maximum and then you will have to pay for a service that is often costly. But MyPC Backup is relatively cheap, especially if you like it a lot and sign up for the annual service. 

You can also try it out for 14 days to see if you really like it. If not, no problem, just delete MyPC Backup and find something else. 


There is no Mac or Linux version at the moment and it is unsure whether there will ever be one. It also lacks a scheduler that has more detailed options — the only two choices you have are daily and hourly backups. Additionally, there is an extra charge for hourly backups too which is not mentioned in their pricing plans. 
While MyPC Backup is a simple and easy to use backup solution, it should only be used if you want to focus on other aspects of your business and leave this running in the background to be updated once a day.

Take free Trial and secure your PC and get peace of life

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