Thursday, September 30

About Me:

Are you thinking of setting up one profile page for you in your blog to show case you skills or to display your contact info or just to let people know about you? then you may want to register your profile in This website is quite hot now and its time for you to grab your user id before someone else snatches it :D The profile splash pages are real cool.

This service is very popular amongst us bloggers and entrepreneurs to attach this to their blogs or even in their CVs.

Windows 7 Touch and Writing:

windows 7 handwriting

Windows 7 has a very good touch and writing user experiences. Windows 7 improves the pen experience in the user by providing good accuracy and the speed.  The Handwriting input in Windows 7 is improved and it supports more languages. The Text Input Panel offers predictive text for greater speed of input and correction. Handwriting accuracy is improved through personalization, custom dictionaries, and breakthroughs.

For more information see Programming the Text Input Panel (

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