Monday, December 20

What is Kindle?

 Kindle is Amazon's flagship ebook product. It is compact, sleek, and portable and helps reading ebooks on the go, it has also inbuilt wifi feature. The amazon kindle file extension .azw. You can buy ebook from amazon store and read them whenever you wish, on the go.

It is a perfect gift to your beloved :) It is reported Amazon sells more ebooks these days as Kindle users are rapidly growing.

It is without a doubt the stylish next generation device

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Sunday, October 24

How to find Domain/Website Who-Is Information

If you thought anytime about who is the owner of a particular domain or website and other information about that domain or website then domaintools help you to find the whois information.

To know the contact information like domain owners, admin or technical contact this tool helps you. Also you can see some technical information about that domain or website like the nameservers the domain uses, number of websites hosted on that particular server/IP and other nice information.

You can also see the domain name registration dates and expiry dates. Every webmaster would find this tool very useful. You can find this at Who Is Domain Tools where you need to enter the domain name or the IP address.

I just made a search there for and i found interesting info on its name servers and registration dates :)

who is domain tools usage

You can also find the number of servers hosted along with Note that this is for informative purpose only.

who is domain tools

Sunday, October 10

How to open all the new Internet tab to Home Page

The first tab opens to home page while other will open as a blank page. You can make the other tab also open in home page. For this

Open internet explorer and click on “Tools” and then “Internet Options”.

  • Then  click on “General” tab. Under “Tabs” click on “settings”.

  • In the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialog box  select “Open Home Page for New Tabs Instead of a Blank Page” and click “Ok” and again “Ok”.

  • Next time you open internet explorer and add tabs all will open in home page.

new Internet tab browser setting

This tip helps you in opening the Home page whenever you open a new tab in your browser

How to remove Cache from Internet Explorer

Temporary files (cache files) should be removed  on regular basis to increase performance of computer. To remove the catch
• Open internet explorer and click on Tools > Delete Browsing history.

• Then delete the files listed in “temporary internet files” section.

• After some time when the cursor returns to arrow we have to click “OK”.
Now all cache files are cleared and you will see a slight increase in the speed of computer.

How to bookmark in Internet Explorer

You can bookmark our favorite sites, so that you can open it quickly whenever you like. To bookmark
• You have to open the site on internet explorer by typing its address or searching on search engine.
• You can see two yellow stars on tool bar. One is only yellow star and the other is yellow star with green arrow. You have to click on yellow star with green arrow.
• The site is added as bookmark and next time you can directly open the page by clicking on the icon saved.

How to disable add-on from Internet Explorer

Sometimes you install add-on which is not used after wards and it occupies space. So you should disable add-on for better performance.
To remove add-on
• First open Internet Explorer on the computer and close other programs. Then click on Tools > Internet options > Program > Manage add-ons.

• We can see the list of add-on. We have to click on the add-on which we want to disable and click “Disable” and then “OK”

How to update Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer should be regularly update for better performance.
To update
•Connect internet and then click Start > All programs > Windows Update > Check for Update
• There are options for “Express” and “custom” updates. For high priority updates use “Express” options.
• After scanning see the list of possible updates and select all and click on “Install updates”. We may have to run/save for starting it.
• After downloading completes install and restart the computer.

How to clear the Mozilla Search History

You should clear the search history because Mozilla Firefox remembers the entire search you have done. This can affect your privacy as well as search history will become large.
To Clear the Mozilla Search History
• Open Mozilla Firefox and right click on search box (located on upper right hand corner).
• In the drop down menu click on “Clear Search History”.
Now all the search history is cleared.

How to add search engines to Mozilla Firefox

We can easily add search engines to Mozilla Firefox.

For adding search engines to Mozilla Firefox

We have to open our Mozilla Firefox web browser and go to search box (on the upper right hand corner) and click on small arrow to open dropdown box. Then we have to click on “Manage search engines”. A new window will appear and then we have to click on “Get more search engines” link and then “Ok”. Now a new mozilla window will open and we can select the search engine, we want to add. Then we have to click on “Add to Firefox”. Mozilla Firefox will automatically add the search engine we have selected.

How to work offline in mozilla Firefox

You can work offline on Mozilla Firefox.

First open Mozilla Firefox browser and click on File > Work Offline. Now you can work offline on the Web pages which you have saved on hard disc but you cannot open any other link contained in those web pages.

How to change the Font in Mozilla Firefox

You can easily customize the font size in Mozilla Firefox

To customize

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on tools >Options > Content. By this button you can set popup blocker on/off, change the image loading method, enable/disable JavaScript, language and font.

  • Then click on “Default Font” and select font and size of font and then click “OK”.

How to enable and disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

You can easily enable and disable java script in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on tools >Options > Content

  • Then activate the check box located next to “Enable Java Script”.

  • For customizing (what JavaScript should do) click on “Advanced” and activate/deactivate the check box and click “OK”

  • Then click on “OK”.

How to hide the Formatting Marks in a MS Word 7 Document

You can hide the formatting marks before printing.

Hide formatting

  • Open the Word document which contains the formatting marks.

  • Click on “Home” tab and then click on “Show/Hide” icon in the “paragraph” box

Hide selected formatting marks

  • Open the Word document which contains the formatting marks and click the Office button. Then click on “Word option” .

  • Highlight and select “Display”.

  • Then remove check marks in the "Always show these Formatting Marks on the Screen" list and click "OK."

How to make a Booklet Using MS Word 2007

You can make booklet using tools provided in MS word 7. To make the booklet

  • Open a blank document in Microsoft Word 2007.

  • Click on the “Page Layout” tab and click on "Margins" in the “Page Setup” group.

  • Click on “Custom Margins” and select page menu. Then click on “Book fold” and then “OK”.

  • Then type the matter and select proper font size and color.

  • You can even insert pictures in it.

How to create watermarks with MS Word 2007

You can create watermark on your documents by following methods

  • Open word 7 application and create a new document. You can even do on existing documents.

  • Then click on “Page Layout”.

  • Click on the "Watermark" icon to open the Watermark drop down menu. You can use standard watermark or click on the “Custom Watermark” option.

  • You can use text or picture as watermark. For creating text watermark click on “Text Watermark

  • Then fill all the details and click on “OK”.

How to make resume more attractive with MS word 7

Now a days competition has increased in every field and for getting job first you have to apply with resume. Resume makes first impression. You can use MS Word 7 to make an attractive resume. For this
• Open MS word 7 and click on the office button (located at left hand corner which is in round shape with MS office icon). Then click on “NEW”. A new popup window will come and you can see a column with templates. Click on “Installed Template”.
• Then you will get Variety of templates, in that you should double click on “Urban Resume”.
• Now you can save your document and title them.
• You should give proper objective, skills, Area of strength, Education background and experience to make the resume more attractive. For this make use of all appropriate tools from MS word 7. MS Word 7 has maximum tools to make your resume attractive.

How to do table Calculations in MS Word 7

Table calculation in word 7 is user friendly and is sufficient for everyday use. To do table calculation
• Open MS word 7 and create tables by clicking Insert > Table. Then choose appropriate size of table (leave a blank cell for calculations). Then title and number column and row for table calculation.
• Then put the cursor on the cell where the computation will take place and click on Formula button.
• Then type the formula in the formula box (example, =A2+A3+A4). The answer will come in the cell.

Addition                    +
Subtraction              -
Multiplication         *
Division                     /

How to change startup program in Windows 7

You can change startup program as per our requirement. For changing startup program
Add a link
Start > All programs > right click on Startup >Open all user
• Click on Explore to open the folder for current logged in user.
• Then right click the folder or file you want to start when computer boots. Then copy it and paste on Startup folder. Next time you boot the computer, this program will open.
Change current startup programs
Start > Search > msconfig
• Select the programs you want to be opened after booting.
• Then click on Apply. You can see a new popup window asking for reboot. Click on Restart.

Change or create password in window 7

You should change the password in our window 7 at regular interval to keep your computer safe. You can change password by following methods.
Start > Control panel >User account>Change your password( if there is no password create a password for your account).
• If password already exists type the existing password and the new password and then confirm. After that click on “change password”. Next time you open the window you have to type new password
• If no password is there,  type the new password and confirm. Then  click on “Create password”. Next time you open the window you have to type the password

How to register Window 7 upgrade

You can upgrade from window xp or vista to window7. To upgrade
Start >Search files and folders (we have to type “regedit”) >Enter
• In the “user account controls” window click on “yes” and registry editor will open.
• Then navigate to the OOBE Folder and click the arrows next to the a registry key to open the registry folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Setup/OOBE/
• In the OOBE Folder,  double click on the "MediaBootInstall" key.
• Then  change the Vale from "1" to "0".
• Next start > Search files and folders ( type “CMD”) and Right-click on the short cut > Run as administrator.
• In the “user account controls” window click on “yes” and command promt will open.
• In the command line window, type slmgr /rearm and press Enter.
• After this  close the command line window and restart.
• After restart Start>computer >Properties and then type product Key to activate window 7

Saturday, October 9

How to use Photoshop

It is good software for image manipulation. Following are the steps for using it.
• First go to and create an account.
• After verifying your email address log in and upload photo by clicking on “UPLOAD PHOTOS AND VIDEO”. You can upload up to 2 GB for free.
• After uploading edit it by clicking on “EDIT” button. has a lot of editing commands. After editing click on “FINISH” or “SAVE COPY

How to use Billeo

You can use Billeo to pay online bills and do shopping. Your toolbar store all information and reminds about the payment dues by an alert flag or email. You can set time for reminder. You can save the bill with the image of merchant servers. To use Billeo

  • You  have to download and sign up.

  • You can see features by clicking on “Take the tour” .You can select the tools to manage our shopping receipt, password and bill payment information.

  • Avoid other application while using this.

  • You can manage multiple user name and password, for this click on “password”.

How to use printershare

Printershare is software which allows multiple computers to connect to one printer, even if the computers are not in same location. The computers should be connected to internet.

For using printershare all computers should have to create printershare account

After installing Printshare software on all computers we can right click and share connected printer. Find other printershare account. Printshare will be displayed in the printer list. Now print from connected printer.

You can use any printer network printers and virtual printers (such as the PDF-generating, PDFCreator or PrimoPDF) to share.

How to Use the Windows Media Player

Window media player is free software and is very easy to use. In this You can listen music and watch movies. Following are the methods to use it.
• First download window media player.
• Then open window media player and right click on the bar. Select “tools” and “options”. Then  click on “File Types” and select the file you want to open.
• Then click on “Library” and then on “Add to library” to select the file to be monitored.
• To play select the file and then click on play button (triangle shape). To pause click on pause button (two parallel lines) and to stop use stop button (square shape). For forward and rewind use double arrow button.

Windows 7 Driver Compatibility

People prefer more to Window 7 than vista as it is more compatible than vista. It has been observed that many of the programs used by vista and xp are compatible with Window 7. Window7 has low level code, so after changing operating system of computer, the existing driver will search for the operating system parts which they were previously using, but they are not there. Due to which they can’t function. Install new drivers for them. This problem mostly occurs when we are changing from xp to window7.

How to use Gmail

Gmail is the Google free email service, which has more storage place compared to others.Following are the methods to use Gmail.

  • First open a account in Gmail and log in into it.

  • You can send message using g mail. For this  click on “compose” button. Enter mail id of the person, whom you have to send the message. You can even attach a file by clicking on “Attach a file” link. Then write a message and click on send.

  • You can read message received by clicking on “In box” and then clicking on the message. You can make a separate folder and store them separately. For this click on “More action”. Choose new label to create new folder, and save the message in that.

  • Mark the important message by star.

  • You can delete the message from the spam folder. Even if you are not deleting the message in spam folder, it will automatically get deleted after 30 days.

  • You can check your mail anywhere in the world, where internet access is there.

How to use Skype

Skype is a good means of communication in which you can chat and talk (with or without video). Skype has become the way of communication today with its great features like desktop sharing.

You may download Skype from Skype(tm) Download Page. Installation procedure below:

[caption id="attachment_737" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="skype install"]skype install[/caption]

and then a couple of next button clicks completes your install and then you can login to your existing account or create one new account.

[caption id="attachment_738" align="aligncenter" width="515" caption="skype login"]skype login[/caption]

Getting Started with Skype:

  • Add friends in contact list by clicking on new > Add contact and then type their Skype id and then click search.

  • After that  send request to them to add you in their contact list.

  • After your friend adds in his contact list you can call them.

  • You can also call to any fixed line or mobile, but that is paid service.

How to use Google talk

Use google talk for instant messaging, file transfer and voice calls. It is a free software and easy to use. Following are the methods to use g talk.

  • Download and run google talk.

  • Log in with the same user name and password, which you are using for g mail. Contact list of g mail will automatically be added in g talk.

  • Adjust the setting by clicking on “setting” link at the top.

  • Invite friends to chat using “Invite” buttons. Then click on name to open chat window.

How to use Internet download manager (IDM)

When You install IDM, the speed of downloading become very fast. Following are the steps for using IDM.

  • First download full version of internet download manager and Google chrome and install them.

  • Now  open IDM > download > options

  • Now check"Use Advanced Browser Integration".

  • After checking the check-box, you will be prompted for system reboot. Select yes.

  • Select ok.

  • After reboot go to the IDM options and check "Detect new applications that try to download files from internet".

  • It will ask to restart Internet Download Manager. Click ok

  • After restarting the IDM, you will be able to see Google Chrome in the browser's list.

Now whenever you start google , the downloading will be faster.

How to use Filezilla

It is free software which you can use to transfer files over the Internet.

First install Filezilla, open it and then open file/site manager. Next create a site with your web host name, log in and password. Site manager > transfer setting  > active >save .

When files are ready to be transferred,  enter the site manager and choose your set up site by double clicking on it. This will open FTP connection between the computer and the web host profile which you saved in the site manager

In the left side you can see our local computer directories and on the right side the remote web host computer you will transfer.

Now select the files you want to transfer from your local computer directories and open those files on right side.

Drag and drop local files from left to right.

After finishing disconnect either the server or the file menu (as per the version of Filezilla) and then close the filezilla

How to use Winrar

Winrar is used to compress the files, so that larger files can be transferred.Winrar and winzip are similar, but Winrar is having additional functionality.

  • First ensure that the computer you are going to use is having Winrar program installed in it.

  • Select the files to be compressed.(use CTRL button for selecting more than one file and SHIFT button for selecting blocks of file.)

  • Then right click on selected files. In the pop out select “Add to Archive”. You can see Winrar window menu.

  • Rename the compressed file (different from original name) in the archive section in general tab.

  • Select the file format (can be rar or zip) and after all required field of menu are completed click “OK”. The Winrar application will compress all the files and save in the same location as original files.

Extracting compressed files

  • Select the files to be extracted.

  • Then right click the selected file

  • In menu select “Extract files”, you can see window from the Winrar program.

  • Specify where the extracted files have to be located in the “Destination path” in the general tab.

  • After filling the required fields in window click”OK”, Extracting will start.

Friday, October 8

Window 7 makes new things possible

Many new things are possible with window 7 which were not possible with early versions. You can

  • create and share movies and slide shows in minutes.

  • get the most realistic game graphics and vivid multimedia.

  • stream music, photos, and videos around your house.

  • connect to your home PC media library while you are away.

  • touch and tap instead of point and click.

Window 7 works the way we want

Window 7 works in the way you want and it is very user friendly.

  • It has built-in defense against spyware and other malware.

  • It help to keep your data private and secure.

  • It manages and monitor your children’s PC use.

  • It is designed for faster sleep and resume.

  • It has improved power management for longer battery life.

Window 7 simplifies everyday tasks

Window 7 had simplified every day work more than early versions.

  • It open programs and files frequently used in a click or two.

  • It can connect to any available wireless network in just three clicks.

  • It navigates lots of windows more quickly.

  • It easily share files, photos, and music on home network.

  • It can print to a single printer from any PC in the house.

  • It manages printers, cameras, and other devices better.

  • It organizes lots of files, documents, and photos effortlessly.

Window 7 taskbar

In window 7 taskbar is in the same place as it was in the older version, but it has more features than older version.

  • You can pin your frequently used icon for easy access

  • You can arrange the icons as per your choice. If you want to change the position of icons simply click and drag to desired location.

  • You can see thumbnail impression of the file by simply moving the cursor on the icon. You can open the file by clicking on the thumbnail impression and even close the file by closing on the thumbnail impression.

All these features save your effort and time.

Window 7 performance compared to previous version.

Today every one wants to perform their work faster. Window 7 is designed for this purpose. Some of the advantages are


You can opt for sleep options, after wards resuming are very fast in Windows 7 compared to previous version.


Search option is much faster in Window 7 as compared to early versions

USB devices

When you connect any device, it takes less time to get it ready for use in compared to early versions. If you are reusing same device, it will take even less time

Leaner and less busy

The application which are not used stays off till you don’t use it. This makes the computer much faster

Thursday, October 7

Components of word 7 opening screen

Following are the components of word 7 opening screen

1. The Microsoft Office Button.It is a big button on the upper left-hand corner of the screen (same as the old File menu in previous versions of Word).

2. The Quick Access Toolbar.It is located just to the right of the Office Button is the Quick Access toolbar, and has buttons for using Word's most frequently used features, including Save, Undo, Redo, Print Preview and more . You have options to add and remove buttons for any functions you please.

3.The Ribbon. It is the main way to work with Word. In old version we have to go to menu>submenu>....., but in ms word7, it  menus have submenus groups buttons for common tasks together in tabs on a graphical interface.

4. The Scrollbar.It is having small changes.In this at  the top, there is a small button that looks like a minus sign that split your screen in two and just below that, there is another small buttons that displays or hides a ruler when you click it.

5. The View Toolbar. In earlier versions of Word the view toolbar was on the lower left-hand side of the screen, now it is on right hand side in word 7. It has buttons like print layout, full screen, Web layout, outline and draft views, same as it was in earlier Word versions.Zoom in and Zoom options are also available in word 7.

6. The Status Bar. It is in the same location as in earlier Word versions and have the same function.

MS word 7

MS word 7 has been made more user friendly in compared to the old version. It is having new image editing abilities by which you can change the shape, borders and colors of an image more conveniently . It is having new style sheets (quick styles) and ability to switch easily among them. It is having word count by default, which will shows number of words in the status bar and will change automatically as you type.It has new contextual spell shown  by a wavy blue underline, sometimes catches incorrect usage of correctly spelled words . It has full screen reading layout which shows two pages at a time with maximal screen usage,and also have a few critical tools for reviewing.

List of shortcut key used for word 7

Following are the shortcut keys you can use while working on word 7. These command will help you to quickly perform the function without using the mouse. These shortcut are applicable for US based keyboard layout. For other language layout, adjustment has to be done accordingly

   Command                      Shortcut Keys 

   All Caps CTRL+SHIFT+A
Annotation ALT+CTRL+M
App Maximize ALT+F10
App Restore ALT+F5
Apply Heading1 ALT+CTRL+1
Apply Heading2 ALT+CTRL+2
Apply Heading3 ALT+CTRL+3
Apply List Bullet CTRL+SHIFT+L
Auto Format ALT+CTRL+K
Auto Text F3 or ALT+CTRL+V
Bookmark CTRL+SHIFT+F5
Browse Previous CTRL+PAGE UP
Cancel ESC
Center Para CTRL+E
Change Case SHIFT+F3
Char Left LEFT
Char Left Extend SHIFT+LEFT
Char Right RIGHT
Char Right Extend SHIFT+RIGHT
Close or Exit ALT+F4
Close Pane ALT+SHIFT+C
Column Select CTRL+SHIFT+F8
Copy Format CTRL+SHIFT+C
Copy Text SHIFT+F2
Create Auto Text ALT+F3
Customize Add Menu ALT+CTRL+=
Customize Keyboard ALT+CTRL+NUM +
Customize Remove Menu ALT+CTRL+-
Date Field ALT+SHIFT+D
Dictionary ALT+SHIFT+F7
Do Field Click ALT+SHIFT+F9
Doc Close CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Doc Maximize CTRL+F10
Doc Move CTRL+F7
Doc Restore CTRL+F5
Doc Size CTRL+F8
Doc Split ALT+CTRL+S
Double Underline CTRL+SHIFT+D
End of Column ALT+PAGE DOWN
End of Doc Extend CTRL+SHIFT+END
End of Document CTRL+END
End of Line END
End of Line Extend SHIFT+END
End of Row ALT+END
Endnote Now ALT+CTRL+D
Extend Selection F8
Field Chars CTRL+F9
Field Codes ALT+F9
Font Size Select CTRL+SHIFT+P
Footnote Now ALT+CTRL+F
Go To CTRL+G or F5
Grow Font CTRL+SHIFT+.
Grow Font One Point CTRL+]
Hanging Indent CTRL+T
Header Footer Link ALT+SHIFT+R
Help F1
Hyperlink CTRL+K
Indent CTRL+M
Justify Para CTRL+J
Left Para CTRL+L
Line Down DOWN
Line Down Extend SHIFT+DOWN
Line Up UP
Line Up Extend SHIFT+UP
List Num Field ALT+CTRL+L
Lock Fields CTRL+3 or CTRL+F11
Macro ALT+F8
Mail Merge Check ALT+SHIFT+K
Mail Merge Edit Data Source ALT+SHIFT+E
Mail Merge to Doc ALT+SHIFT+N
Mail Merge to Printer ALT+SHIFT+M
Mark Citation ALT+SHIFT+I
Mark Index Entry ALT+SHIFT+X
Mark Table of Contents Entry ALT+SHIFT+O
Menu Mode F10
Merge Field ALT+SHIFT+F
Microsoft Script Editor ALT+SHIFT+F11
Microsoft System Info ALT+CTRL+F1
Move Text F2
Next Cell TAB
Next Field F11 or ALT+F1
Next Misspelling ALT+F7
Next Object ALT+DOWN
Next Window CTRL+F6 or ALT+F6
Open CTRL+O or CTRL+F12 or ALT+CTRL+F2
Open or Close Up Para CTRL+0
Other Pane F6 or SHIFT+F6
Outline ALT+CTRL+O
Outline Collapse ALT+SHIFT+- or ALT+SHIFT+NUM -
Outline Demote ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT
Outline Expand ALT+SHIFT+=
Outline Expand ALT+SHIFT+NUM +
Outline Move Down ALT+SHIFT+DOWN
Outline Move Up ALT+SHIFT+UP
Outline Promote ALT+SHIFT+LEFT
Outline Show First Line ALT+SHIFT+L
Overtype INSERT
Page Down Extend SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Page Field ALT+SHIFT+P
Page Up Extend SHIFT+PAGE UP
Para Down Extend CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN
Para Up Extend CTRL+SHIFT+UP
Paste Format CTRL+SHIFT+V
Prev Field SHIFT+F11 or ALT+SHIFT+F1
Prev Object ALT+UP
Print Preview CTRL+F2 or ALT+CTRL+I
Proofing F7
Redo or Repeat CTRL+Y or F4 or ALT+ENTER
Repeat Find SHIFT+F4 or ALT+CTRL+Y
Replace CTRL+H
Reset Para CTRL+Q
Revision Marks Toggle CTRL+SHIFT+E
Right Para CTRL+R
Save As F12
Select All CTRL+A or CTRL+CLEAR (NUM 5) or CTRL+NUM 5
Select Table ALT+CLEAR (NUM 5)
Show All Headings ALT+SHIFT+A
Show Heading1 ALT+SHIFT+1
Show Heading2 ALT+SHIFT+2
Show Heading3 ALT+SHIFT+3
Show Heading4 ALT+SHIFT+4
Show Heading5 ALT+SHIFT+5
Show Heading6 ALT+SHIFT+6
Show Heading7 ALT+SHIFT+7
Show Heading8 ALT+SHIFT+8
Show Heading9 ALT+SHIFT+9
Shrink Font CTRL+SHIFT+,
Shrink Font One Point CTRL+[
Space Para1 CTRL+1
Space Para15 CTRL+5
Space Para2 CTRL+2
Start of Column ALT+PAGE UP
Start of Column ALT+SHIFT+PAGE UP
Start of Doc Extend CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
Start of Document CTRL+HOME
Start of Line HOME
Start of Line Extend SHIFT+HOME
Start of Row ALT+HOME
Start of Window ALT+CTRL+PAGE UP
Start of Window Extend ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP
Subscript CTRL+=
Superscript CTRL+SHIFT+=
Symbol Font CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Thesaurus SHIFT+F7
Time Field ALT+SHIFT+T
Toggle Field Display SHIFT+F9
Toggle Master Subdocs CTRL+\
Underline CTRL+U or CTRL+SHIFT+U
Unlink Fields CTRL+6 or CTRL+SHIFT+F9
Unlock Fields CTRL+4 or CTRL+SHIFT+F11
Update Auto Format ALT+CTRL+U
Update Fields F9 or ALT+SHIFT+U
Update Source CTRL+SHIFT+F7
VBCode ALT+F11
Web Go Back ALT+LEFT
Web Go Forward ALT+RIGHT
Word Left Extend CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT
Word Right Extend CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT
Word Underline CTRL+SHIFT+W

Wednesday, October 6

Contextual Tabs in office 7

When you select and insert an text or image , the contextual tabs for modifying that can be seen in the ribbon. It makes us more convenient for locating the commands. Contextual tabs  tabs are hidden till you don't select the applicable image or text. This is a very good feature to save the time and effort.It has different than other tabs.

Mini Toolbar in office 7

You can use mini toolbar(which provides easy and efficient access) for text formatting. In this you don't have to select the text and go to ribbon for formatting.When you place the cursor on the text mini toolbar will appear next to it. You can use mini toolbar which appears. It helps you to reduce time and effort to carry out the work. You cannot customize minibar. It contains most of the frequently used tabs.


This feature help you to quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task.All commands are grouped in a logical group. You can find this ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007 and some Outlook 2007 windows.In ribbon the application can be accessed with less number of mouse click as compared to menu based UI in MS office 7.

Tuesday, October 5

Disable unused port to speed up your computer

Unused port increases booting time which slows down the computer.It is better to disable the port which you are not using to speed up your computer.

Disabling of usb port can be carried out by

start > search > control panel > system > Device manager

After that select the usb port to be disabled .Now you can right click on that particular usb and click on disable.

Now restart the computer, you will find your computer faster

Redce number of fonts to speed up the computer

When you start your computer with more number of fonts the speed of computer reduces. To increase the speed of computer you should decrease the number of fonts but you have to save all the files also.For this best way is to create a new folder and save all the files (which you are not using regularly) in it.

Follow these steps to open a new folder and save the files in it

Right click on desktop

new > folder

Move all files to this folder

Move this folder to my documents so that it is easily accessible.

Restart the computer you will see that your computer is faster than before.

Disc Cleanup- Sample post

Disc cleanup

Use Disk Cleanup tool to free up space on your hard disk and to improve the performance of your computer.

Disk Cleanup activity can be used to remove:

  • Temporary Internet files.

  • Downloaded program files.

  • Contents of Recycle Bin.

  • Windows temporary files such as error reports.

  • Optional Windows components that you don't use.

  • Installed programs that you no longer use.

  • Unused restored points and shadow copies from System Restore.

Note: Typically, temporary Internet files will take the more space because the browser caches each page you visited for faster access afterwards.

Disk Cleanup procedure (for Window 7 users):

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

In case of more than one file, particular file has to be selected.

Disk Cleanup will calculate how much space can be free, select the content of the Files to be deleted in the dialog box.

Then click Ok. The disk cleanup process is now completed.

How to turn off indexing

Turning off indexing will increase the speed of your computer.

Following are the steps to turn off indexing

First open my computer

Then select the local drive and right click on that
After this click on properties , you will get a new pop out.

In this last checkbox "allow indexing service to index this disc for the last file searching" uncheck and apply. you will  get other popout.

select all files and click on ok, you can see another popout

For some files you will get access denied, for those files select ignore all.

After this you will notice your computer has speed has increased.

Virtual memory setting

When you are running several files ,it will use RAM first and when it exceeds the limit of RAM it uses hard disk memory.In compared to RAM processing of files in hard disk takes more time which makes the computer slower.This problem is more in old computers where RAM is less.

If you want to change the virtual memory settings, follow following steps

Start >Control Panel >system >Advanced

In the Performance box, click on Settings

In the Performance options, select the Advanced tab and then click Change under the Virtual Memory heading.

It is better to make paging file on the portion of hard disk which does not have system files.this will speed up your computer

Startup delayer

Startup delayer can be used to delay the program files to open at the time of computer startup.

It has 2 types

1)Safe mode

In the safe mode no program are deleted only delayed

2) Advanced mode

In this mode the program are actually delayed

startup delayerIn this you can select the files which has to be delayed .for selecting click and drag it down and enter the time to be delayed.

now you can see the dialog box like this

startup delayer 2After this you have to activate. For this you can right click on red triangle where SD is written.

Make your windows works faster

Your computer has become slow during  startup, to solve this go

start menu- Run Command-type msconfig and press enter.

A new pop out window will open. now check out the programs which are not necessary while start up of your windows. Now you have to disable those programs and click the apply button and then press OK. Now restart your computer.msconfig

Monday, October 4

Spyware effect on computer speed

Spyware is affecting the speed of computer. whenever we login to any site spyware will collect the personal details which not only affect the speed of computer but also risk your personal information.

To protect your system from above problems follow below link

Best thing about this is this is free.

It will combat spyware and it will check and remove virus .

Sunday, October 3

Detect and repair disk errors


Some bad sectors of hard disk can reduce the hard disk performance and makes data writing more difficult. Error Checking utility can be used to rectify it.

steps to use Error Checking utility

First Close all open files.

Start > My Computer

right-click the hard disk you want to search for bad sectors

Properties > Tools > Check Now

Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors


If  bad sectors are found,select to fix them

Disc Fragmentation

Disc fragmentation slows down the speed of computer. De fragmentation  should be carried at regular interval(at least once in a month). If a large number of files are added,new programs or a new version of Windows is installed or if the free space comes below 15% De fragmentation should  be carried out .

Steps for disk de fragmentation

start > All Programs > Accessories >System Tools > Disk De fragmenter

Select the drives that you want to analyze


Select  the file for defragmetation

when defragmentation completes it displays the results

Then  click View Report

For closing  View Report dialog box, click Close.

For closing  the Disk Defragmenter utility, click the Close button on the title bar of the window.

Disk Cleanup

Disc cleanup

Use Disk Cleanup tool helps to free up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer.

Disk Cleanup can be used to remove:

  • Temporary Internet files.

  • Downloaded program files.

  • Contents of Recycle Bin.

  • Windows temporary files such as error reports.

  • Optional Windows components that you don't use.

  • Installed programs that you no longer use.

  • Unused restored points and shadow copies from System Restore.

Note: Typically, temporary Internet files will take the more space because the browser caches each page you visited for faster access afterwards.

Disk Cleanup procedure

Window 7 users


All Programs


System Tools

Disk Cleanup. (In case of more than one file, particular file has to be selected.

Disk Cleanup will calculate how much space can be free, select the content of the Files to be deleted in the dialog box.

Then click ok

Thursday, September 30

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Monday, March 22

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