Wednesday, November 9

Cross platform podcast receiver:

Juice is a free Cross platform podcast receiver to get updates of your favorite audio podcast:


Want to listen to internet audio programs but can't when they are scheduled? This program lets you create your own custom online audio anytime, anywhere. Really. 



Subscriptions tab 

Downloads tab 

Directory tab 

Cleanup tab 



Subscriptions tab 

Downloads tab 

Directory tab 

Cleanup tab 

Download Juice free

Facebook Fanpage RSS Feeds

How to get Facebook fan page RSS Feed? Whether you are a fan page admin or you want updates from a fan page, RSS helps you. In the left hand side bottom of every facebook fan page there will be ways to get updates from that page. Select "Get updates via RSS" to get the rss feeds, if you are a fan page admin, it will help you to submit to RSS directories and get some traffic which in turn yields you fans. It (rss submission) also gets you search engine exposure.

Tuesday, November 8

Sticky posts in Wordpress

Sticky posts in wordpress stick to home page. They will not be hidden/burried by new posts but just stay in home page.. Important announcements and static content can be made sticky. To convert a normal post to sticky after you published it. Go to quick edit in posts section. There will be a check box to select "Make this post sticky" meaning it will stay in home page. You can uncheck it when you want.

Monday, November 7

How to change category and tag base name in wordpress?

How to change category and tag base name in wordpress?

Instead of using "category" and "tag" in your permalinks you can change them to any name based on your blog theme, you can include keywords like

After you login to wordpress dashboard: navigate to permalinks under settings section. Give your category base and tag base a name (keyword) and save it... your blog will now be powered with more relevant keywords which helps in search engines understanding your blog.

How to Check if Antivirus is Running in your computer?

To know if the anti virus is active in your computer, go to services. Go to start and in run command type services.msc, you will see the services window. In that check the service corresponding to your anti virus software. I use CA antivirus and my CA related service is up and running (it is in automatic state) and is started. If you find your anti virus service is not started, you will need to start it and then make it automatic (double click and change the property to be automatic and NOT manual or disabled)

Sunday, November 6

Talk to instead of typing

You have the option of saying what you want to search to google. After you go o instead of typing the search box click the mic icon in the corner of text box and say what you intended to search. Your computer should have mic feature inbuilt and if its available you will see results in for what you said in the mic .. No need of typing required to use mic option... Its handy at times...

Google in 2084 funny pic from new york times

Friday, November 4

Fan page notification in Facebook

Fan page notification in Facebook: Want to see how many people have responded to your fan page update, like or commented? right side of your fan page you will see a button called "Notifications" click on that and you will see the latest activities by your fans to your fan page updates. Only available to fan page owners and admins. It will be refreshed and next time you will see the updated notifications.

This will be helpful for fan page owners/admins to respond to their fans reactions and keep the conversations up and goin in Facebook fanpage. It makes the fans more focused to your pages and attracts new fans to your page..

How to make Notes in Facebook Fan pages

How to make Notes in Facebook Fan pages
Select the edit info button in your fan page, and t hen go to apps in left hand side. Select the "Notes" application and then add the note. You don't have WYSIWYG editor in Facebook and hence html needs to be copied and pasted in notes editor.

Tuesday, September 20

Time To Make The Emails

Technology Tip Number 13
Time To Make The Emails
Did you know that you can use Microsoft Outlook to make emails in advance and have them go out automatically hours, days, weeks, months or even years later?  For example, let's say you want to send out an email about a team meeting next Friday but you want everyone to receive it on Thursday.  Instead of waiting until Thursday to compose and send the email you could write it now and time it to go out on Thursday morning.  You could even use this feature to schedule a reminder email to yourself about an upcoming event or meeting. 
If you don't use Microsoft Outlook for your email check the system you do use for similar features.  Also, please note that if you are using an online, webmail version of Outlook or Outlook Express these directions might not work for you.
Here’s send a timed email in Microsoft Outlook: 
1)     Start a new email by clicking the  button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
2)      For this example we’ll have you send a timed email to yourself.  Type your own email address in the “TO:” line of the new email.  If you wanted to send a timed email to someone else or a group of people you’d type in their addresses instead.
3)      Under “Subject:” type in “It’s time to go home” and type whatever you want in the message area.
4)      Now to set the timing.  Look for “Options…” in the toolbar and click on it.
5)     In the box that appears check the box for “Do not deliver before” and then set the date and time as shown below.  Then simply click “Close
6)     Now click  to send this email to yourself.  If you did everything correctly you should get this email from yourself at 3:00 PM today

One more note.  If you’d like to check your message just go to the folder labeled “Outbox” in the folder view:
PRACTICE ACTIVITY Try sending a timed email to a fellow staff member welcoming them back to work tomorrow morning.
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about using Microsoft Outlook for your email try searching the internet for:
Outlook Tutorials
Outlook tips and tricks
Have a Nice Day!

Friday, July 15

Interesting post from Official Google Blog:

The Google blog has an interesting news about how the bees attacked their headquarters in the mountain view, California.
This is quite an interesting post guys :)

Official Google Blog: Hello from the Hiveplex

Tuesday, April 26

Best Flight deals - Ding

Want to save on your next air trip? Always on a lookout for best flights deal? Then this desktop or iphone application can help you save loads of time and money. You'll get alerts whenever there is a limited and special flight deals for your favorite destination. The application is called Ding application and it's a free download.

What is Ding?

The DING! application alerts you when exclusive, limited-time-only airfare deals on select flights are available for purchase. You can't find these deals anywhere except DING!, so make sure to download it today. You can register to receive DING! alerts by downloading our desktop application or by installing the Southwest Airlines app to your iPhone®. Simply choose your home airport(s) and you'll begin receiving alerts when great DING! deals to Southwest destinations all over the country are released.

Sunday, April 24

Build your own Computer

Do you know how you can try to build your own computer? Video gives a nice introduction.

You can design your computer yourself, isn't it awesome?

Saturday, April 23

How to Build a Computer Motherboard

Video shows step by step on How to Build a Computer Motherboard

Friday, April 22

How to put songs on ipod without iTunes

Watch the video to know how to put songs on ipod without iTunes

Thursday, April 21

How to Transfer Songs from iPod To Computer FREE with iTunes

How to Transfer Songs from iPod To Computer FREE with iTunes. Please check the video below.

Sunday, March 27

Track your Blog Visitors

Tracking your blog/website visitor is very important so that you can provide better content/service that improves interaction between your blog and its visitors. Undoubtedly Google analytics is the best free analytics service provider out there. If you wish to track each and every action of your visitor then you may consider a paid service like, comparison of performancing with others is given below.

Performancing Metrics -VS- The Othes Taken from





Detailed information about every visitor Yes No Yes Yes
Log custom data for every visitor (usernames, emails, etc) Yes No No No
Track outbound links Yes Kinda No Yes
Track downloads Yes Kinda No No
Track Javascript and Flash events Yes Yes No No
Video analytics Yes No No No
Mobile hardware reporting Yes No No No
Visitor hostnames and organizations Yes No Yes No
Detailed info on organizations (address, phone number, revenue, etc) Yes No No No
Twitter analytics - monitors and summarizes conversations about your web site or other topics of interest Yes No No No
Dedicated iPhone version Yes No No No
Dedicated version for other mobile devices Yes No No No
Create extra user accounts with

access to specific sites
Yes Yes Yes No
Powerful filtering and segmentation Yes Yes No No
Developer API Yes Yes No No
The best bounce rate metric in the biz Yes No No No
Goals and conversions Yes Yes No No
Dynamic goals (don't need to be pre-defined) Yes No No No
Split testing Yes Yes No No
Campaign tracking Yes Yes No No
Supports Google Analytics campaign tags Yes Yes No No
Customizable dashboard Yes Yes No No integration Yes No No No
Search keyword rankings Yes No No No
Favorites Yes No No No
Alerts Yes No No No
Available in multiple languages Yes Yes No No
Email reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP tags Yes No No No
IP filters Yes Yes Yes No
Real time data Yes No Yes Yes
Live view of every individual visitor on your site right now Yes No No No
Widgets to put on your web site Yes No No No
Get your stats via RSS feeds Yes No No No
Aggregate (multi-day) view for all data Yes Yes No No
Data export Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript Yes No Yes Yes
Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog Yes No Yes No
FeedBurner RSS stats integration Yes No No No
Clean, modern interface Yes Yes No No
Public statistics Yes No Yes Yes
Free version available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate program to earn you cash or free premium service Yes No No No

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