Sunday, March 27

Track your Blog Visitors

Tracking your blog/website visitor is very important so that you can provide better content/service that improves interaction between your blog and its visitors. Undoubtedly Google analytics is the best free analytics service provider out there. If you wish to track each and every action of your visitor then you may consider a paid service like, comparison of performancing with others is given below.

Performancing Metrics -VS- The Othes Taken from





Detailed information about every visitor Yes No Yes Yes
Log custom data for every visitor (usernames, emails, etc) Yes No No No
Track outbound links Yes Kinda No Yes
Track downloads Yes Kinda No No
Track Javascript and Flash events Yes Yes No No
Video analytics Yes No No No
Mobile hardware reporting Yes No No No
Visitor hostnames and organizations Yes No Yes No
Detailed info on organizations (address, phone number, revenue, etc) Yes No No No
Twitter analytics - monitors and summarizes conversations about your web site or other topics of interest Yes No No No
Dedicated iPhone version Yes No No No
Dedicated version for other mobile devices Yes No No No
Create extra user accounts with

access to specific sites
Yes Yes Yes No
Powerful filtering and segmentation Yes Yes No No
Developer API Yes Yes No No
The best bounce rate metric in the biz Yes No No No
Goals and conversions Yes Yes No No
Dynamic goals (don't need to be pre-defined) Yes No No No
Split testing Yes Yes No No
Campaign tracking Yes Yes No No
Supports Google Analytics campaign tags Yes Yes No No
Customizable dashboard Yes Yes No No integration Yes No No No
Search keyword rankings Yes No No No
Favorites Yes No No No
Alerts Yes No No No
Available in multiple languages Yes Yes No No
Email reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP tags Yes No No No
IP filters Yes Yes Yes No
Real time data Yes No Yes Yes
Live view of every individual visitor on your site right now Yes No No No
Widgets to put on your web site Yes No No No
Get your stats via RSS feeds Yes No No No
Aggregate (multi-day) view for all data Yes Yes No No
Data export Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript Yes No Yes Yes
Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog Yes No Yes No
FeedBurner RSS stats integration Yes No No No
Clean, modern interface Yes Yes No No
Public statistics Yes No Yes Yes
Free version available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate program to earn you cash or free premium service Yes No No No


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